Rerolling to Moon Dancer

I slacked a bit yesterday. I remembered to write another article after I put my head on the pillow. I want to make up for it today with two articles.
I started to question myself if I should reroll yesterday. I am in TERA for two major patches now. I played Priest for a year now. It looks like a huge step to reroll. It looks a bit scary. I think I will do it. The new Moon Dancer class looks amazing. I want to main a damage dealer class for a patch. I could do it with my little ninja before. I didn’t do anything to make it my main class. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the class.

I am going to start leveling from day one. I will start on 4th April. My strategy is simple. I want to level up as slow as possible. I really need to bond with my character. I need immersion to keep me going. Playing it a lot at the start is the only way. I want to do some of the achievements too this patch. I think I will first get to level 20 with quests, then win a Kumas battleground everyday for the 24 hour experience boost. After that I could just travel around and do some quests while in dungeon queues. I expect small queues with the new class. Even if I am a DPS. I remember during the ninja major patch, the queues were really fast.

I will first get the Island of Dawn quest done with the help of someone. I expect to get guile gear as a reward. Then I will go for a few three star dungeons to get the Guile 2 set. I am not prepared at all. The only thing that I have right now is Masterwork Alkahest and a few scrolls. So I will be staying Guile for a little while. I don’t mind actually. I want to not spend a lot of gold on it.


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