Trying out Final Fantasy XIV Free to Play

I wanted to check out the Final Fantasy MMO recently. I had no luck. I got it from Steam. All good, the game has 10 gigabytes. The speed is quite decent. After you open it you need to wait for another 20 gigabytes. It’s a mess. I tell you. Then the best part comes. You need a Square Enix account for it. I got two email addresses that I use. I was so unlucky while activating them. I got on both a 24 hour lock. I lost the drive to try that game. I was so hyped for it, it’s crazy.

I wish that the developers would make the games more user friendly. It is really annoying if I can’t install the game. If I remember correctly, this only happened to me once. Back in the day I got World of Warcraft on six CDs. After I installed it there was nothing on the box about updates. I had no idea what they were. And the game took a whole day to install on my PC. I seriously didn’t think it would work. But it did. And it’s been amazing. Now it’s 10 years later. This should seriously not happen. It is unacceptable for me. Everything should be casual friendly. Just like consoles are designed. This will bring more people into the game. It will be overall good.


As for TERA updates, I got in a new guild recently. It is actually pushing for rank one in the contribution wars. I am quite happy about it. My old guild master is in vacation right now. She has a lot of stuff to do and most people left for a while in other guilds. I did that too. I hope she doesn’t get upset on me. Here is amazing. They do 15 dungeon quests and I like it that I am constantly asked to do stuff. Being on my own is a bit hard.



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