TERA Leveling and Minecraft

I managed to get a few things done today. I went and took a lot of screenshots in TERA. Mainly I want them for the guide, but I could use some here. I will use one in this post to show you the resolution and all that. It was really fun. I jumped around from place to place, using my TERA Club Journal. I will miss this thing since the subscription will be gone in about 5 days. I managed to do the banner image too, I wrote a huge Magical Alice on top of a screenshot. I think it looks nice. But I guess there is a problem with the blog theme. It asks for a smaller image and then it stretches it on all the screen. Maybe is just on my monitor. I could change it if I find something better in the future.


I made some huge progress on my new TERA character. I got into the expansion content and I hope I finish her today. It doesn’t really depend on me. I mainly wait for other people to get home from work since it was planned from a long time. It was really fun, we played all the leveling content in three and it went quite well. I am usually the one that needs to grind mobs, sometimes, because I am behind. I usually try to get some people from my server into the party, you know, the ones that we find in the dungeon queue and help them out to get a faster queue experience. I made a new friend and overall is just great.

Another friend dragged me into Minecraft today. We made a fun challenge for it. We play the Vanilla version right now, you know, the classic one. There is a setting for the server that changes the size of the map. We went for a 100 x 100 blocks on the whole map. It is so much fun. You get to see a huge force field around that you can’t pass. You can never get lost and there are limited resources. I like to think about it like is something similar to the Skyblock map.


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