TERA Guide Updates

This is another update for the future TERA guide I will write. I looked around and did a bit of research on the subject. I mainly checked the World of Warcraft guides. I picked them because it is easier for me to know what their main focus is. I want to bring the promises they make to reality. I think I am able to do it. The only thing I am concerned about is procrastination. I mean there is so much stuff to do on this channel, for example I need to make a new banner in Photoshop and check out the settings. I have no idea how the comment system is set right now. It needs to be set so people don’t have to register on WordPress to post. There are many minor things like that. I will try to do them today if I am not lazy.


So my research lead to this table of contents for the guide. First of all everyone needs to know how to gear up their main characters. This will be followed by a PvP and PvE guide. If I was going to read something like this, I would want to know what are the most effective ways to do it. This guide also needs tips and tricks on how to make gold. You also need to know, after you have gold, how to use the Broker (Auction House) and not waste your hard earned gold while buying gear upgrades and other stuff that you want (like those nice costumes everyone secretly wants šŸ˜‰ ). I would also give some tips on how to find a good guild that suits your play style. Let’s not forget the leveling process, I want to make a section on what is the best way to level up, and what is the laziest semi-afk way. Also this would be true for most of the sections . The guide will also have a part about alt characters, what gear they need and stuff related to them. I will also talk a bit about professions and maybe about the best way to set the UI.
It looks like a huge project but I think is doable. I did this before for another game, the only thing is that I want to make this one look professional. I got a few ideas on how to make the guide look cool.
In game, I was also doing some testing in TERA, got two friends to level together and chill. I currently leveling a new brawler so I can get the free Imperator gear set. I think I wrote this in the last post. And that is about it, see you all tomorrow. o/


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