TERA and organized PvP

I checked out TERA today. It is still my main MMORPG at this time. I am not sure if is TERA or Revelation Online because I didn’t play a lot. I sometimes play both. I sometimes don’t play any of them and just watch Youtube.
Let’s get to the point. I wanted to see how the world pvp is right now in the game. If you didn’t know already every single instanced pvp battleground has equalized gear. Which is good for this community. They wanted this. Everyone always asks the developers and cry on the forums about “balance” in this game. Is not that I agree with it, since gearing gives players a sense of progression. It is good because you always have something to work towards.

Right now, you can farm each week 200k Bellicarium Credits and 200k Killing Spree Credits. It is not a lot you can do on a single character. This can be achieved in 2 or 3 days of farming during the event that happens every night at 21:00 CET.
I don’t have the conflate gear yet. But I noticed a lot of the pvp community sits all the time in Velika Outskirts and just duels each other. There is something interesting that I saw and made me write this post. Sometimes they group up together and just start to do mass pvp. It reminds me a bit of Tarren Mill versus Hillsbrad. That is considered one of the best PvP experiences in World of Warcraft. It made me reconsider and I think I will try to get the Conflate gear too next patch. I am not sure which class I want yet, probably the new one.
Also I want to announce some big news today, I am planning to work on a complete TERA pdf guide. I just started to level another brawler so I don’t miss the bonus leveling month reward on my account and get the Imperator gear. I think I will start doing a lot of testing for the best methods of farming that I can include in the guide. I think it will come after the new patch, the one with the new Valkyrie class at the start of the next month.


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