Thoughts on Tales of Berseria

I will use this first post to talk about my opinion of the game Tales of Berseria that I just finished yesterday. I was impressed by it, I think that happened because I didn’t play a lot of jRPGs in the past and this is my first major one. The first single player one of course because I played a lot of Massive Multiplayer RPGs in the past and I still play some.
Don’t look at the picture on the side because is from a different game that I want to play called “Fairy Fencer F – Advent Dark Force“, I wanted to put a picture from the other game, that I write about right now, that had my characters but I already deleted the game from my computer and I didn’t plan to start this blog at that point. Also I could pick some images from Google but I read is really bad due to Google putting my site down in the search list if I use “unoriginal” content. That’s why I will stay with the ones I make. Quite unfortunate that I already deleted it. I was excited about another game that I installed earlier in the morning called “Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey” that I started to play for a bit but felt clunky and old, the mouse control doesn’t work on it, is not recognized at all and I leave it for another day. I am not sure if I should bother with it. Actually, I am not sure, the story started great.
Fairy Fencer F - Advent Dark Force

Ok, now let’s go back to Tales of Berseria. I never saw another game with the same controls like it, it felt so smooth. The only problem I had with it was that the camera was moving too fast, but I didn’t bother to change it either and got used to it.
The story of this game is insane. I love anti-heroes and this game has a ton of them. The characters look and feel real. You will not see those stereotypical, fantasy, good at everything, overpowered heroes. They feel like real people. All of them have flaws. If you, the reader decide to play this game you would love them. I am not promoting this game in any way, I just finished it, I had a huge marathon and finished it in two days. It felt great, it was like watching a huge anime. I know I have no life. It was supposed to be a 30 something hour game, at least that’s what I read on that website called “how long does it take to beat”.
I think I made a mistake during my let’s play and I rushed it a bit, you are supposed to kill every mob on every single map, in my opinion, no matter how much they respawn. This will help you beat the last boss, clear the content faster and not have to struggle like I did. I got a bit bored because every single map is repeated at least twice, in the game and some of them even more depending on how much they are changed or destroyed.
Ok, this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed my non-content ramble. I will find something awesome to tell you, tomorrow, because I plan to write every day at least a paragraph.


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